My Baby is growing out side of my body

In order to give birth a mother carries their child inside their womb and wait for certain time so that they can grow inside their body: another life incorporating her dreams and hopes. For me my dreams growing with me outside of my body and I see them everywhere.

This  quilt I have made using colorful fabric and a form of sari (the most common clothing item of south Asian women) with threads, mixed fabrics and other material joined together. This artworks express my  experiences of cultural displacement, my travel from my homeland to a faraway land and they will tell the story of my own struggle  and  my journey. The Nakshi Kantha, embroidered quilt  is  one of the common South Asian tradition of making blanket or quilt, which is a wonderful way of storytelling using folk and traditional motifs like human figures, animals or plant motifs or objects like house, boat and so on. Mostly they make it by embroidery or patchwork.

Since I was born in Bangladesh, as a part of the traditional education I have learnt the process of hand sewing and make elaborate embroideries. In Bangladesh we have an amazing culture of making these Nakshi Kantha, specially during Monsoon, when women are unable to go out because of heavy rain, and they stayed home and make these quilts, usually sitting in group and gossiping and chatting. I am inspired by the tradition of making Nakshi Kantha ,  their unique way of expression, I want to give a contemporary touch of that tradition.

This work express my  experiences and journey through my life, searching for my Identity in time and space. More recently  I was introduced to fabric and embroidery work in my art making process. Usually I use my body parts to make mark or make art  and in this process I will use my hair as  thread. They will tell the relation between fabrics and needle and how they attach each other together with the pieces of fabrics from different parts of the world with different texture and their unique way to expresses  their story.

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