Letter to my unborn child


2016, Mixed media (A Baby dress stitched with Artist’s hair, Sari, Twig) 12 X 216 inch aprx.

New life grows inside of the womb of a mother and later born as a child; My creations are my children and they are growing outside of my body nourished by love and imagination. I would like to communicate with my unborn child, they are as real as the biological children I might have.  In these  pieces I have used my own hair as a thread to stitch clothes to fashion baby dresses in order to give them an intimate touch. I have also used needles, the symbol of healer, used to create bond and my hairs, dead yet constantly growing hair to express the eternal cycle of life imbibed with love and promise.  The moments we define as our life in continuum of time becomes significant as we weave our love around the people we care and the way we communicate our stories and made the fabric of life.


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