‘Boi Mela’, the word stands for ‘book fair’ in Bengali (Bangla), our mother tongue. It is more correctly known as ‘Ekushey Book Fair’ or ‘Amar Ekushe Grantha Melā’ (Bengali: অমর একুশে গ্রন্থ মেলা [ɔmɔr ekuʃe grɔnt̪ʰɔ mæla] Lit. “Book Fair of immortals of the 21st [of February]”). It is the national book fair of Bangladesh which is arranged each year by the Bangla Academy and take place for whole month of February in Dhaka. The book fair is dedicated to the ultimate sacrifices made by the Bangladeshi people on 21 February 1952 in a demonstration calling for the establishment of Bengali as one of the state languages of former united Pakistan. Bangladesh later emerge as an independent nation in 1971. The day 21 February is officially known as ভাষা আন্দোলন দিবস (Bhasha Andolôn Dibôs) (also শহীদ দিবস (Shôhid Dibôs)). And from 17 November 1999, UNESCO declared the day as International Mother Language Day to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism.
This year Boi Mela has a different dimension for me. I am happy to announce the publication of my first book. It is a Bengali translation of very important art criticism book by John Berger, Ways of Seeing. I obtained the permission from original author to publish this book. It is published by Onarjo Publications, soon to be available in their stall no 297-298. I hope this book will made a contribution to our art criticism education in Bangla as well as meet the need of curious readers who wants know how art could impact every facet of our lives…

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